Stroganoff sauce

Yield: 2 people | Prep Time: 10 minutes | Cooking time: 15 minutes | Difficulty: Beginner, Easy

Stroganoff sauce goes best with beef, pork or a schnitzel. Originating from Russia, this recipe will serve up to 2 people. Ready in about 25 minutes.

Food myths that just won’t go away

All of us receive a lot of information on a daily basis, just turn on the tv or radio and you’ll be instantly updated with all the latest stuff. Same goes for new researches about claiming that one food is better than the other. Every week there are new findings on how product x really increases your […]

Measurement and conversion chart

We try to include each metric as clear as possible in our recipes. We use the metric system because we live in Europe. A lot of our visitors use the imperial system. People from America usually measure ingredients by volume, while others measure by weight.