10 great ways you can use to limit food waste

You probably recognize this scenario: you open op your refrigerator ready to get some lovely fresh lettuce, only to find that the lettuce has gone from nice and green to brown, lumpy and slimy. Juck! About a third to half of all food grown around the world is wasted by improper management of refrigerators! We’ll […]

10 Foods you should not refrigerate

The refrigerator is one of those kitchen appliances most people can’t live without anymore. Ever since it’s invention, the fridge has drastically improved shelf life of most of the ingredients and dishes. Items like milk, yoghurt and meat will perish quickly when not refrigerated.

Most viewed dishes july 2014

Hi! We’ve decided to start with sharing three of the most viewed dishes of the month. Since we use Google Analytics on our website we can easily see which dished have received the most views. We have been seeing these kinds of posts a lot on other food blogs too, so here we go!