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Scallops and asparagus strawberry salad

1 hours 5 minutes 4 people

Want to impress someone with an amazing starter? Then you should definitely try our scallops and asparagus strawberry salad! Amazing flavor combination!

White asparagus and ham spread

25 minutes 4 people

Lunch tip: white asparagus and ham spread for on toast or bread. Creamy spring lunch that's very easy and SO SO tasteful. With homemade mayonnaise!

Stir fry white asparagus salad

25 minutes 4 people

Simple cooked asparagus are delicious but kinda boring. Try our smoking hot stir fry white asparagus salad! Stir fry them raw, AWESOME right? 

White asparagus and Serrano ham

30 minutes 4 people

OMG YES, asparagus season has started. Are you also excited about that? Start the season even better with this white asparagus and Serrano ham recipe.

How to make bearnaise sauce

Bearnaise sauce, silky smooth and so much flavor! The just about right sourness of this sauce goes perfect with grilled steak or veggies.

Asparagus soup

55 minutes 10 people

Asparagus soup has a very light and fluffy texture to it. Made from scratch in about 1 hour and it's quite filling!

White asparagus and hollandaise sauce

40 minutes 4 people

White asparagus and hollandaise sauce is a classic combination, served with a boiled egg, cooked ham and potatoes. Absolutely divine!

How to make Hollandaise sauce

Hollandaise sauce is silky smooth and has that delicious just perfect slight hint of sour taste. Great with almost anything and ready in about half an hour.

Poached egg asparagus salad

35 minutes 4 people

Winter does not stop us from making this delicious poached egg aspergus salad! Bring back the summer with this poached egg salad. Serves 4, done in 30 mins.