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Tortillas with sausages, white cabbage and crispy onions

30 minutes 4 people

Try a different kind of filling with these tortillas with sausages, white cabbage and crispy onions. With delicious sweet and sour cabbage!

Chimichurri steak tacos

30 minutes 4 people

Chimichurri steak tacos are bursting with flavors. Filled with peppers, garlic, onion, avocado and more. Use tender steaks for the best result. Ready within half an hour.

Ground beef enchiladas

40 minutes 4 people

Ground beef enchiladas are very easy and ready within 40 minutes. These Mexican tortillas are filled with ground beef, bell pepper, spices and more.

Quick tomato salsa

10 minutes 4 people

A super easy and quick tomato salsa to serve as a dip or side dish. Made with fresh tomatoes, jalapeƱo pepper, garlic and cumin. Ready within 10 minutes.

Chicken and jalapeƱo lunch wrap

15 minutes 4 people

Have some amazing tortillas for lunch instead of a dull sandwich. This chicken and jalapeƱo lunch wrap is ready within 15 minutes.

Chicken and mango tortilla wraps

20 minutes 3 people

Chicken and mango tortilla wraps are an easy and quick recipe for every day of the week. With mango puree instead of mango pieces.

Roast beef tortilla wrap

10 minutes 1 person

This quick and easy roast beef tortilla wrap is ready in 5 minutes, recipe for one. Delicious breakfast or lunch tortilla wrap.

Super fast tortilla roll-ups with chicken

10 minutes 1 person

Mad hungry? In less than 5 minutes you can cook up these super fast tortilla roll-ups with chicken. Recipe for one, easy to make more if needed.

Smoked trout wrap with lime

10 minutes 1 person

Good food does not need many ingredients. You can prepare this smoked trout wrap with lime in less than 10 minutes using only a few ingredients!

Pickled red beets and chorizo tacos

1 hours 15 minutes 6 people

Tacos are a perfect weekday meal to enjoy with friends and family. The combination of pickled red beets and chorizo tacos is even more perfect!

Slow cooker pork carnitas

5 hours 25 minutes 4 people

Slow cooker pork carnitas are a Mexican speciality that means 'little meats' and is similar to pulled pork. Served on a tortilla with avocado and lime.

Beef breakfast burrito

20 minutes 4 people

Fuss-free beef breakfast burrito, ready in less than 20 minutes and does not need any butter or olive oil! Recipe for 4 people.

Smoked salmon wraps

10 minutes 2 people

Breakfast worthy smoked salmon wraps. This recipe makes two tortillas filled with cream cheese, cucumber and red onion. Ready in less than ten minutes.

Ground beef tacos

25 minutes 6 people

Grab a quick bite to eat with these ground beef tacos. Ready in about 25 minutes, recipe for six.