Comments on Churros with raspberry chocolate sauce

Spanish churros with raspberry chocolate sauce you can make in half an hour. Simply delicious and fun! Easy recipe for churros.

A_Boleyn commented at 2015-05-17 21:11:55
Gravatar van A_Boleyn My churros were thinner but just as delicious though I'll have to remember to throw some raspberries in the chocolate sauce. http://a-boleyn.livejournal.com/103229.html
Ohmydish commented at 2015-05-17 21:20:47
Gravatar van Ohmydish All churros are equally delicious :D We're thinking of making churro waffles next time!
A_Boleyn commented at 2015-05-18 00:23:46
Gravatar van A_Boleyn That sounds intriguing. I'd be interested in seeing the results as I FINALLY mastered the secrets of an ancient (30 yrs is ancient, right?) waffle iron that I inherited.
Ohmydish commented at 2015-05-18 06:02:34
Gravatar van Ohmydish Funny, we also inherited a 30+ year old waffle iron. Perhaps those are the best! If you subscribe to our mailing list, you'll receive one weekly e-mail containing all of our recipes from the previous week. That way you can check if we've posted the churro waffles yet :)

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