Kitchen: greek

15 recipes


Greek orzo in tomato sauce

30 minutes 4 people (1)

This Greek orzo in tomato sauce is a tasty and interesting dish which blurs the lines between rice and pasta. With a few basic ingredients, it is simple to prepare.

Doner kebab pizza

25 minutes 1 person

This is a really tasty pizza topped with kebab meat, black olives and colourful pieces of pepper. Top your pizza with garlic sauce; you won't believe how good it tastes!

Bifteki (Greek burgers) with feta

30 minutes 4 people

Delicious Greek bifteki with feta, or biftekia gemista to use the Greek! Delicious from the griddle pan, or the barbecue. Spicy minced beef and pork with a centre of feta, a great combination.

Freddo cappuccino

5 minutes 2 people

A freddo cappuccino is also called Greek cappuccino, or a Greek coffee with cold milk foam. It’s a strong iced coffee that you’ll definitely want to taste!

Greek beef stew

6 hours 30 minutes 4 people (1)

This Greek beef stew can be made in a slow cooker or Dutch oven. Suitable all year round because of the refreshing tzatziki, olives and feta.

Greek mixed grill

2 hours 30 minutes 4 people

A Greek mixed grill as you might know from a Greek restaurant, made at home! You can also serve some gyros with this amazing dish.

Greek cabbage salad

50 minutes 8 people (6)

A Greek salad the way they serve it at the salad bar at most Greek restaurants. A sourand slightly sweet salad, served with black olives.

Greek Stifado

4 hours 25 minutes 4 people (1)

This Greek Stifado is a delicious stew with beef, tomato, shallots and lots of spices. Bursting with flavors and tastes great with potatoes.

Sofrito - pork fillet in white wine sauce

30 minutes 4 people (5)

Sofrito is a Greek dish with pork meat in a white wine sauce. Super refreshing with garloc, parsley and lemon and ready within half an hour.

Gigante bean salad

25 minutes 4 people (1)

Have you ever tasted a large bean? They're very common in Greece. We created a lovely filling and flavorful Gigante bean salad, give it a try!


1 hours 10 minutes 10 people

Make your own delicious baklava right at home. It's super sweet, goes well with a nice hot cup of tea. Recipe for ten people.

Greek moussaka

1 hours 25 minutes 4 people

Classic greek moussaka has absolute amazing flavors, the combination of bechamel sauce, minced meat and eggplant is to die for. Want a bite?

Beef kofta

20 minutes 4 people (3)

Spicy garlic flavors from this middle eastern beef kofta recipe. Serve with plain rice, a salad or potatoes. Recipe for 4 people, ready in 20 minutes.

Greek salad

10 minutes 2 people (2)

Greek salad is a classic one, but it's still one of the most flavorful ones, loved by many. With only a few ingredients and ready in less than 10 minutes.

Homemade tzatziki

10 minutes 10 people

A delicious, yet simple, recipe for Greek tzatziki. A perfect accompaniment to beef, pork or lamb. Recipe for 10 people.