Low carb recipes

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Here you'll find recipes with low carbs that fit perfectly in a low carb diet. Vary and eat more consciously with the help of these low-carb recipes.

Eat low carb by choosing vegetables, nuts, seeds and kernels. Or cook up unprocessed chicken, meat, fish and fairy without added sugars. Eat as little pasta, rice, different types of potatoes and products with added sugars as possible (sodas, soft drinks, sweets, biscuits, pastries and juices).

Roast parsnips and carrots

30 minutes 4 people (1)

Roasted vegetables, like these parsnips and carrots, are an easy side dish. Their subtly sweet flavour makes them perfect for Christmas.

Baked brussel sprouts

40 minutes 2 people

Baked Brussels sprouts is an easy method for preparing Brussels sprouts in a different way from usual. These mini cabbages are a perfect side dish.

Homemade fried onions

15 minutes 4 people

We’re all familiar with the tubs of crispy, fried onions; delicious sprinkled over noodles or fried rice. Making your own crispy fried onions isn’t difficult, and they’re even tastier than the ready-made version!