Dish type: shrimp

19 recipes


Spicy shrimps

10 minutes 2 people (2)

You can prepare this tasty Spanish tapas snack in no time. These spicy shrimps with lime and garlic are finger licking good!

Shrimp dumplings

50 minutes 4 people

It's quite easy to make dumplings from scratch with a filling of shrimp and minced meat. Steamed on cabbage leaves and served with a delicious dipping sauce.

Scampi diabolique

20 minutes 4 people (2)

This scampi diabolique is a classic Belgian dish. You can serve them as an appetizer or as a delicious and creamy pasta sauce.

Shrimp pasta

25 minutes 4 people (1)

This shrimp pasta is one of those dishes that's quick, easy and it smells amazing too. Perfect as a weekday meal, ready in less than half an hour.

Easy garlic shrimps

10 minutes 4 people

These easy garlic shrimps are ready within 10 minutes. A quick and lovely appetizer that's bursting with flavors of garlic, lemon and chili.

Herb omelette with shrimps

20 minutes 2 people

A herb omelette with shrimps and vegetables is great for lunch or as an easy main dish. An omelette filled with anything you like is just amazing.

Shrimp and peas spaghetti

30 minutes 4 people

This shrimp and peas spaghetti is ready within half an hour. Perfect summer dish with refreshing orange and fresh thyme. Delicious!

Zucchini and shrimp salad

30 minutes 4 people

This zucchini and shrimp salad is a bit spicy using chili pepper, refreshing with oranges and extra delicious because of the garlic and ginger, mm!

Creamy lemon risotto with shrimps

40 minutes 4 people

This creamy lemon risotto with shrimps can be served all year round, cause it's so delicious and don't you just love lemon? Extra delicious with garlic shrimps and mascarpone.

Creamy shrimp tagliatelle

20 minutes 4 people (2)

This creamy shrimp tagliatelle has a bit of spiciness, sourness and most important lots of great flavours. Ready within 20 minutes.

Shrimp salad with mango and mozzarella

25 minutes 4 people

The weather isn't that great, but a lovely shrimp salad with mango and mozzarella can be eaten all year round! So delicious!

Mango shrimp bites

10 minutes 8 people

These mango shrimp bites are popular at any party! A little bit sweet, spicy while still fresh. Recipe for 8 mango shrimp bites.

Easy zucchini soup with shrimps

25 minutes 6 people (1)

Zucchini soup with shrimps and a hint of lemon basil. It's a divine combination that's ready in less than half an hour. Serves 6 people.


40 minutes 6 people (4)

Don't you just love paella? Everything in one large pan, preferably in the open air, but can also be made inside. It looks pretty too, so dig in!

Zucchini spaghetti with shrimps and creamy cauliflower

25 minutes 4 people

Looking for an amazing dairy and gluten-free recipe? You should definitely try this zucchini spaghetti with shrimps and creamy cauliflower!