About Ohmydish

Who is behind the website? We are Marco and Véronique, both 33 years old. We are both from The Netherlands but have emigrated to the south of France in december 2017, to the departement Gers (32).

Here we have a large kitchen garden and a big yard full of fruit and nut trees. Cooking with seasonal ingredients is something we find very important. Good food is very important to us, this is one of the reasons why France is such a good fit for us. You will surely find more and more recipes from this region, but of course we will still publish recipes from over the globe.

Veronique from Ohmydish

Véronique; I've completed an education for professional cooking. After many fun years of working as a chef I unfortunately had to quit because of a shoulder surgery. I can share all my cooking knowledge and passion with you on Ohmydish!

Marco from Ohmydish

Marco; I'm a full time webdeveloper and make sure everything keeps working on the site. Part-time Photoshop fanatic but full-time leftovers disposal. Eats everything except avocados.

In numbers

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Any questions or comments?

You can always reach us by using our contact form. We usually respond within 48 hours. All comments, tips and questions are welcome!