30 recipes


Peanut noodle soup with bok choy

15 minutes 4 people

A quick and easy peanut noodle soup with bok choy. Ready within 15 minutes, ideal for lunch. A lovely vegetarian soup!

Shanghai noodles

40 minutes 2 people

Shanghai noodles are an easy weeknight meal with pork, vegetables, a simple sauce and udon noodles. This dish proves that simple can be delicious!

Chiang Mai curry noodle soup

1 hour 4 people

This Chiang Mai curry noodle soup is incredibly tasty with a homemade easy spice paste and fried noodles. An amazing dish!

Dutch bamischijf

1 hours 15 minutes 16 people

Have you ever heard of a bamischijf? A Dutch snack made of bami, breaded and then fried. You can make the bami to your taste!

Yuzu marinated chicken

30 minutes 4 people

This yuzu marinated chicken with garlic and ginger is great all year round. This Japanese citrus can also be substituted with lime or lemon.

Beef and egg noodle soup

40 minutes 4 people

This beef and egg noodle soup has so many flavours, it will blow your mind. With garlic, ginger, chili, miso and more. Ready within 40 minutes.

Black mushroom and chicken ramen

50 minutes 4 people

Thus black mushroom and chicken Ramen is a delicious soup filled with noodles, fresh ginger, garlic, soy sauce, chicken and lots of veggies.

Pad thai

30 minutes 4 people

This pad thai is made with rice noodles, chicken, lime, peanuts and more. Ready within half an hour. Classic Thai streetfood, made in a wok.

Stir fried ginger-coconut pork chops

25 minutes 4 people

With these stir fried ginger-coconut pork chops your meal can't go wrong! Recipe for 4 people, ready in less than half an hour.

Pan-fried vegetables with rice noodles

25 minutes 4 people

These pan-fried vegetables with rice noodles are an easy and quick weekday meal. Ready in less than half an hour and you can use any vegetables of your choice.

Vegetable noodle soup

25 minutes 4 people

This vegetable noodle soup is a delicious quick lunch. A filling soup that suitable for vegetarian. Ready in less than half an hour.

Sesame chicken and vegetable stir fry

30 minutes 4 people

This sesame chicken and vegetable stir fry is done withing half an hour. Perfect after a busy day at work and you're in for a healthy and delicious meal.

Teriyaki chicken and noodles

30 minutes 4 people

Create these teriyaki chicken and noodles within half an hour. Do you love to stir-fry? Choose a steel wok for that authentic taste.

Chicken, noodles and baby corn stir-fry

20 minutes 2 people

A quick meal filled with veggies and an easy homemade sauce. Try this delicious chicken, noodles and baby corn stir-fry, ready within 20 minutes.

Noodle and edamame salad

20 minutes 4 people

Easy and fast noodle and edamame salad with a small amount of spice. Lovely as a side dish or as a vegetarian lunch. Ready in 20 minutes.