Dish type: banana

7 recipes


Banana bread with nuts and chocolate

1 hours 15 minutes 4 people (6)

Make your kitchen smell of this delicious banana bread filled with nuts and chocolate. Tasty and sweet thanks to the very ripe bananas.

Oven baked banana lumpia

20 minutes 4 people

This delicious oven baked banana lumpia is super crunchy and made with just a few ingredients. Extra delicious with vanilla ice cream.

Banana ice cream

1 hour 8 people (1)

This banana ice cream is super creamy and tastes just like a frozen milkshake that's even creamier and tastier. Use sweet ripe bananas for the best result.

Banoffee pie

40 minutes 12 people (1)

A banoffee pie is a well-known pie with banana, caramel and cream. Easy to create, but you'll have to wait a bit before it's ready to serve.

Drunken whisky bananas

1 hours 5 minutes 4 people (2)

Drunken whisky bananas are a delicious dessert that doesn't take much effort. It may sound weird, but marinating bananas in whisky is really amazing.

Fried banana and whipped coconut

20 minutes 8 people

This dessert is SO easy, but the combination of creamy coconut and warm crunchy banana is AWESOME! Fried banana and whipped coconut is ready in 20 minutes

Vanilla pudding with banana and oreo cookies

10 minutes 4 people (3)

A vanilla pudding with banana and oreo cookies can be made in less than 10 minutes! Recipe for 4 people, simple, fast and easy!

Oatmeal and banana pancakes

25 minutes 4 people

These oatmeal and banana pancakes are a perfect choice to start the day. Deliciously satisfying banana pancakes!