Babi Pongteh

2 hours 40 minutes 4 people

Babi Pongteh comes from the Peranakan cuisine, a cuisine that combines Chinese and Malay influences, among other things. Tender pork with shiitake and a delicious sauce.

Ajam pedis

1 hour 4 people

Ajam pedis, an Indonesian spicy chicken dish that's amazing for any weekday meal. A delicious sauce with tomato, lemongrass, garlic and more.

Atjar tjampoer

50 minutes 8 people

Atjar tjampoer is an Indonesian side dish with sweet and sour vegetables and a lovely yellow color. Can also be stored in preserving jars for a long time.

Sambal goreng telor

25 minutes 4 people

These sambal goreng telor are a delicious side dish. Delicious fried eggs in a spicy tomato sauce.


30 minutes 8 people

This homemade seroendeng is a delicious side dish from Indonesia. The spices and coconut fills your house with the most A-MA-ZING smells.

Babi ketjap

1 hours 50 minutes 4 people

A favorite stew at our house is this amazing babi ketjap. An Indonesian sticky pork stew served with fagrant rice.

Lapis Daging

2 hours 30 minutes 4 people

Lapis Daging is a delicious Indonesian stew with lots of spices, lime and ketjap. With an easy and amazing homemade spice paste.

Daging smoor

1 hours 55 minutes 4 people

An Indonesian beef stew that fills your house with amazing smells. This daging smoor is a classic dish, best served with rice and a salad.

Gado gado

1 hour 4 people

Gado gado, an Indonesian salad that means 'mix mix'.You can make this salad with all kinds of veggies and a homemade satay sauce. Healthy and amazing!

Dutch-Indonesian thousand layer cake a.k.a. spekkoek

1 hours 15 minutes 12 people

A classic Dutch-Indonesian thousand layer cake a.k.a. spekkoek with delicious thin layers of vanilla and spiced cake, absolutely worth it!

Sajoer beans

20 minutes 4 people

Easy to make Indonesian sajoer beans without using store-bought boemboe. Recipe for 4 people, ready in just 20 minutes.

Lemper ayam -- sticky rice with chicken filling

2 hour 6 people

You've probably have seen lemper ayam at an Asian supermarket. Sticky rice with chicken filling, super delicious! But you'll need time and patience for it.

Quick bami goreng

20 minutes 6 people

Bami goreng is a quick and easy recipe. Recipe for making your own spice mix is included for extra deliciousness. Ready in 20 minutes.

Indonesian rendang

1 hours 40 minutes 4 people

Making your own Indonesian rendang isn't as hard as it may seem! It's a delicious beef stew with lime, coocnut and a lot of herbs.

Ajam paniki

30 minutes 2 people

Ajam paniki is an easy (gluten free) Indonesian dish best served with cooked rice. Recipe for 2 people, ready in half an hour.