Thai firecracker shrimp

Fun snack to serve at parties, weddings or just for yourself to enjoy. Hot and tasty shrimp with spicy sauce and peanuts. Amazing.

30 minutes 6 people Snacks
Thai firecracker shrimp


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  • 12 shrimp
  • 2 litre (~70 oz) vegetable oil for frying
  • Sriracha sauce
  • Small handful of (peeled) peanuts
  • 12 leaves of fresh basil
  • 1 teaspoon cornstarch + water mixed together
  • 6 sheets of spring roll pastry/spring roll shells
Thai firecracker shrimp ingredients
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Kitchen equipment

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  • Large pan for frying
  • Small paring knife
  • Cooling rack (optional)
  • Chef's knife + cutting board


30 minutes 6 people Snacks

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Preparation -- 20 minutes

CLEAN and remove the shells from the shrimp. Leave the tail and a little bit of shell on. PLACE the shrimp clockwise on a large plate, with tails facing outwards, and pour Sriracha sauce over the body parts.

Don't cover the tails with sauce. See the picture below for a more visualised explanation. 

Thai firecracker shrimp with sauce
Thai firecracker shrimp with sauce

GRAB your chef's knife and cutting board and finely chop up a small handful of peanuts. SLICE 6 sheets of spring roll pastry in half sideways. We're going to roll the shrimp into a firecracker, or at least; it kind of resembles one.

To do this, place a sheet of spring roll pastry with the longest side on the right. PLACE a shrimp onto the pastry sheet, but don't include the tail. ADD a basil leaf on top and divide a tiny amount of chopped peanuts on the top side.

See the picture below for a more visual explanation: 

How to fold a firecracker shrimp
How to fold a firecracker shrimp

Now, simply roll up the pasty (from the bottom) about halfway. Fold the left part inwards and roll up until 90%. DIP your finger in the cornstarch and wet the upper part of the pastry dough. 

Finish up the Thai firecracker shrimp by rolling it up for the full length. The water and cornstarch function as a type of (edible) glue. REPEAT this step for the remaining 11 firecracker shrimps.

The ones already prepared are best kept under a dry and clean kitchen towel. Make sure to do this otherwise, the pastry will dry out. 

Thai firecracker shrimp
Thai firecracker shrimp

Baking the Thai firecracker shrimp -- 10 minutes

NOW for the easiest part: frying the Thai firecracker shrimp. HEAT up the vegetable oil in a large pan. You can see if the oil is hot enough by adding a small piece of paper kitchen towel to the oil. 

The oil is hot enough if bubbles form around the paper, if not; wait a few minutes before testing again. Don't leave the paper towel in the hot oil, obviously. The Thai firecracker shrimp only need a minute or 4-5 in the hot oil.

ADD about 6 of them at the same time. REMOVE from the oil and place it onto a cooling rack to get rid of excess oil. Enjoy!

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