Kitchen: romanian

4 recipes


Vanilla cake with Romanian cheese

50 minutes 12 people

This delicious and flaky vanilla cake with Romanian cheese is a traditional Romanian delicacy. You can also use ricotta or any other fresh cheese.

Traditional Romanian chicken noodle soup

2 hours 15 minutes 6 people (12)

Make your own chicken broth to create this amazing traditional Romanian chicken noodle soup. Served with veggies and noodles of your choice.

Branzoaice (Romanian lemon pastries)

40 minutes 6 people

In Romania they like sweets! There's a Romanian cheese that's similar to ricotta and it's absolutely amazing. Try these branzoaice, delicious lemon pastry!

Romanian grilled minced meat rolls

20 minutes 4 people (1)

An easy and basic recipe for delicious Romanian grilled minced meat rolls. Made with minced beef that you can also combine with minced pork or mutton.