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It's easy to prepare a juicy and tasteful small bird. Oven-roasted quail is ready in 15 minutes. Have you ever tried quail? No? Then now it's time you do!

John Eldredge commented at 2016-06-26 17:58:56
Gravatar van John Eldredge Very well done. I did the birds just like how you said. Had some spinach and asparagus and ran a bed of risotto. Being a practical chef can be unrewarding and under-represented. But then, too, I am a practical chef. I see recipes like this and I save them, and cook them. God bless. John
Ohmydish commented at 2016-06-26 18:32:03
Gravatar van Ohmydish Hi John, so great to hear you liked the recipe!
Satyen commented at 2016-08-11 06:54:18
Gravatar van Satyen Very nice Recipe. Keep innovating new and make us feel happy my telling us the recipes.Thanks again. Regards
Ohmydish commented at 2016-08-11 16:08:21
Gravatar van Ohmydish Enjoy our recipes Satyen!

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