The Best Presentation Of Dishes From Michelin Restaurants

Michelin stars are among the greatest honors in the cooking world. Apart from cooking, plating is also a big deal for restaurants. Continue reading to explore more.

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The art of food making has gone beyond just eating to satisfy hunger; it has gone to the point of considering many things when making food. For instance, you must consider the necessary nutrients and how best to protect them when making food. It is, therefore, why many herbs have been introduced and employed in the best ways to help preserve a meal’s nutrients in cooking. 

Food appeals to at least three of our five senses. Food must taste well for anyone to enjoy it, so our sense of taste is always considered when cooking. Also, how a meal smells will precede us tasting it and can determine whether we will consider the food favorably, even before eating. You also eat with your eyes before your mouth, so it is necessary to make food pleasing to the eyes.

With the necessity of considering other things when cooking, it is not surprising that the art of food plating has become a great thing. Restaurants do not only market themselves with their excellent food, but they also entice people with their food presentation to draw them in. Food writer jobs have also become a huge deal in our world of social media, cameras, and smartphones.

In this regard, we have collaborated with experts from job aggregator Jooble to discuss some of the best Michelin-style food presentations in the world. We will also discuss some tips to plate your meal nicely. 

The Best Michelin Meal Presentation

In 2017, Le Cordon Bleu-Soomkyung Academy participated in the Koren Food Festival hosted by Chosun TV. Three Michelin Chefs were invited to present their cooking techniques to students and professionals. We will examine the best cooking and plating techniques used. 

1.Chef Jacob Jan Boerma

A three-star-Michelin chef acknowledged as being the most popular in the Netherlands. It is no surprise that chef Jan Boerma made this list. The best plating that drew the audience from that day's presentation was the green salad he made from the vegetables he picked from the Seoul suburb that morning. 

2. Chef Heinz Beck

Another 3-star Michelin chef, Chef Beck, cooked spaghetti with venus clam and parsley sauce. He topped it with a signature dessert from his restaurant, a drink of ice sphere made of raspberry with tea cream.

3. Chef Alvin Leung

Another 3-star chef who made this list is the Chinese Alvin Leung from Hong Kong. Unsurprisingly, he made this list with a new dish of Kimchi ice cream, a soup inspired by Mung Bean pancake, and Avalon Bi Bim Bap, which his restaurant altered. 

Tips For Plating Food In A Beautiful Way

Plating a meal nicely is not as simple as it seems to many people. It involves a lot of attention to detail and techniques. You might have to do mathematics and designing, among others, to plate a meal. However, the result is always worth it, as a lovely meal can invite a person in easily. 

Below are some tips to help you plate your meal in a Michelin restaurant style:

  • Keep it simple; your meal will make it easier, and you are less likely to make a mistake.
  • Choose the right places and utensils. One of the best ways to easily plate a meal beautifully is to choose a plate that can bring out the dish's beauty.
  • Keep your environment clean, as this will likely prevent or reduce splashes and mistakes that can ruin your presentation.
  • Keep colors and textures in mind. Remember, we aim for beauty, and the easiest way to achieve this is through good use of color and texture.
  • Use herbs and flowers to enhance the dishes.
  • Add an element of surprise. This will likely intrigue the diner and make them want more.


Food plating is a very important art. With the necessity to keep the food healthy and preserve its nutrition, food styling may be the last thing to consider. However, food styling is vital because it can draw diners in and keep them around. 

Michelin stars is a great rating system respected in the food world. Therefore, any restaurant with a high Michelin star rating is considered significant. This article has examined some of the best dishes that Michelin chefs presented and given tips to present a meal nicely. 

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