What is the difference between pepernoten and kruidnoten?

The terms pepernoten and kruidnoten are often used interchangeably in the Netherlands. It doesn't really matter what you call them, but we explain the differences here.

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In the Netherlands, people usually refer to “pepernoten” and hardly ever to '"kruidnoten". But what exactly is the difference?

True pepernoten are cube shaped, less crunchy than kruidnoten, but really very tasty. Then there is the better known version; dark, round and crispy biscuits known as kruidnoten.

Pepernoten are softer in texture and taste of honey and aniseed. They have a subtle hint of speculaas spice.

Kruidnoten are harder and are made with far more speculaas spice, giving them a fuller flavour.

Pepernoten biscuits
Pepernoten biscuits

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