Our dogs

Our dogs

Our food blog won't be complete without the mention of our dogs! We're the owners of two Australian terriers named Buddy & Tommy. They are two brothers from the same litter, born in the summer of 2012. Since we moved to France, we have a third dog. His name is Max, he's a 'Drentsche Patrijs' which is a Dutch breed. They play and sleep together all day long!

We will just let the pictures speak for themselves :-)

Max, Buddy and Tommy

Tommy & Buddy

Buddy and Tommy are energetic, playful and full of life! They love to chase, bark and cuddle. They are always by our side; when we cook up dishes, or do the laundry, or just walk around the house, etc. Seeing they are always curious of what we made, it's not hard to look for them since they will be near the food in case something might drop. We never give them food for humans of course, instead they get tasty doggie treats :-).

One of our dogs: Buddy

One of our dogs: Tommy (and me)

One of our dogs: Max

For those interested, you can check out the website of our breeder at: australianterrier.nl

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