Top 10 BBQ recipes | Summer 2016

Top 10 BBQ recipes | Summer 2016

Summertime is here! Longer days and warmer days means eating outside, so we've compiled a list of our top 10 BBQ recipes for summer 2016 for you to try. So let's go to the store, stack up on charcoal and ingredients and let's get cooking !

1 ) Baby potato salad

Soft, tender baby potato salad coated with a delicious mayonnaise sauce. Great for picnics, parties and get togethers. Recipe for 6 people.

Baby potato salad Baby potato salad

2 ) Buffalo style chicken wings

Spicy, sticky delicious buffalo style chicken wings. Food like this you'll just have to eat using your hands. Chicken wings are great for bbq's and picnics.

Buffalo style chicken wings Buffalo style chicken wings

3 ) Spicy Jalapeño cheddar burger

Oh my god, so juicy! A burger you can't get enough of. Try our awesome spicy Jalapeño cheddar burger, deliciously good!

Spicy Jalapeño cheddar burger Spicy Jalapeño cheddar burger

4 ) Peanut flavored barbecue pork belly

Peanut flavored barbecue pork belly is cheap, full of flavors and placing it in the oven first before you place it on the bbq will make it even more amazing.

Peanut flavored barbecue pork belly Peanut flavored barbecue pork belly

5 ) Spicy marinated chicken skewers

Create small spicy marinated chicken skewers for your next party. The lemon juice makes the chicken extra tender en therefore delicious. Ready in 15 minutes.

Spicy marinated chicken skewers Spicy marinated chicken skewers

6 ) Grilled pineapple

Have you ever met someone who doesn't love pineapples? Especially grilled pineapple. So juicy, sweet and refreshing. Ready in about 20 minutes.

Grilled pineapple Grilled pineapple

7 ) Romanian grilled minced meat rolls

An easy and basic recipe for delicious Romanian grilled minced meat rolls. Made with minced beef that you can also combine with minced pork or mutton.

Romanian grilled minced meat rolls Romanian grilled minced meat rolls

8 ) Easy egg salad

Delicious easy egg salad for on toast and sandwiches. Not much ingredients needed to make this easy egg salad. Ready in < 15 minutes.

Easy egg salad Easy egg salad

9 ) Chargrilled vegetable kebabs

With a little bit of sunshine it's already time to heat up your barbecue, don't you think? Serve these colorful chargrilled vegetable kebabs on a big plate.

Chargrilled vegetable kebabs Chargrilled vegetable kebabs

10 ) Bacon sauce with bbq potatoes

Bacon sauce with bbq potatoes only needs 4 ingredients and is ready in 50 minutes. It's so damn good! Potatoes? Yum! Bacon? Yum!

Bacon sauce with bbq potatoes Bacon sauce with bbq potatoes

Enjoy your summertime barbeque! Check out more bbq recipes by using the search bar, or by clicking on this link: .

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