Comments on Chicken souvlaki

Chicken souvlaki is a grilled skewer with pieces of chicken that has been marinated in olive oil, lemon juice and oregano.

A_Boleyn commented at 2017-02-28 21:33:27
Gravatar van A_Boleyn Chicken souvlaki is one of my favourite dishes. If possible I cook it on the bbq but in the oven under the broiler is good too. And you need a good tzatziki to serve with the chicken.
Ohmydish commented at 2017-02-28 22:20:16
Gravatar van Ohmydish It is so much better on the bbq, but it's typical Dutch weather at the moment (rain, then a bit of sunshine, then even more rain, wind etc) But on the grill they were also very tasty, with tzatziki indeed :)

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