The perfect date-night menu

The perfect date-night menu

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Date night, what's not to love about spending time with your significantly other? It's easy to forget to actually sit down with each other and enjoy a nice home-made meal once in a while if you are on a busy schedule. For those of you who are indeed on a busy routine, it's best to schedule your date night. This will give you plenty of time beforehand to plan the menu, go out to buy groceries and preparing the ingredients. Since it's probably no much fun for your partner when you have to cook for an hour or two before sitting down and enjoying the dinner, do some mise en place. Which basically means that you have to prepare and plan.

The perfect date-night menu The perfect date-night menu

Now, planning a date night is nothing scary or labor intensive. All you need to do is figure out what kind of food you both really like, look up the ingredients and write them down on your grocery list. Perhaps you like wine, beer or even water with lemon juice. In this case it's all about preparation. To help you out with your date night menu, we've put up a 4 course menu below. You can decide for yourself whether you are going to make all four courses, since this is just a push in the right direction. We went with mediterranean food this time, because we think most of you would really like it. We've added a few choices for each course you can choose from. You can actually click on the titles to view the recipe. Check out the menu below:




Main course



Pick one recipe out of each course, you can click on the image to view its recipe. Hopefully this little how-to has helped you plan (and cook!) for a perfect date-night. Let us know what you think by using the comment box on this page. Enjoy!

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