How to properly dice onions

In this article I will visually explain to you how to properly dice onions. Great asset for improving your cooking skillset.

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Hi! This is Marco from ohmydish.

Today I want to share with you how to properly dice onions. Have you ever wondered what chefs and professionals do differently when slicing or dicing onions? In this article I will visually show you how to dice onions like a pro.

Start off by grabbing an onion and cut one by one of the ends of with a chef's knife. Don't remove the root part since that will hold the onion together when we are going to cut it.

How to cut an onion 1 Be careful not to cut off the end with the root

Cut the onion in two parts half lengthwise.

How to cut an onion 2 Cut in half

Peel off the onion's skin. Remove the first layer and the next (slimy) layer as well.

How to cut an onion 3 Peel the onion

Place the onion cut-side down on a cutting board and make vertical cuts. Keep away from the section where the root is otherwise the onion will fall apart easily.

How to cut an onion 4 Making vertical cuts on an onion

Make horizontal cuts. This step repeats the previous instruction, be careful to not cut into your hand. Keep your hand on top of the onion.

How to cut an onion 5 Making horizontal cuts

Last step: cut across the onion half, top to bottom. Work from right to left. Remove the root part when needed. Reverse this if you are left-handed.

How to cut an onion 6 Cut across the onion half

There you have it! Now you can dice onions like a pro too! Keep practising and try to see if you can make the diced pieces of onion as small as possible.

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