Homemade caramel sauce

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Making your own caramel isn't difficult at all if you know what to look out for. There can be many reasons why the first time making your own caramel fails. For example: fire too high or stirring too much. It's important to not walk away from the caramel, patience is of utmost importance.

Homemade caramel sauce Homemade caramel sauce

There are many ways to make your own caramel, using the 'dry' method with only sugar or by adding a small amount of water for the 'wet' method. The end result will be the same, using water is just a little bit easier when making caramel for the first time

  • Use a pan with a normal thickness, not too thick or thin.
  • Do not stir, this will crystallise the sugar. It's OK to rotate the pan a little bit.
  • Don't put the fire too high
  • Always keep an eye on the caramel
  • Keep the sides of the pan clean using a wet brush, this prevents the sides of the pan from burning.
  • Have patience and let the fire do its work
  • Don't make too much caramel at the same time
  • Caramel is very hot, so be careful
  • When making caramel sauce (this means adding heavy cream) wear oven mitts
Homemade caramel sauce 2 Homemade caramel sauce 2

Add sugar into a pan and turn the heat down low. It's very important to not stir! You'll notice the sugar will slowly melt and the sides will show discoloration first. Keep the fire low and do not stir. After a few minutes all of the sugar will be melted. Help the middle part a little bit by moving the pan around. Some caramel will stick to the edges of the pan, clean this up using a wet brush to prevent the caramel from burning.

Homemade caramel sauce 4 Homemade caramel sauce 4

Use this homemade caramel sauce as a base for many delicious recipes. Add heavy cream to create a caramel sauce or make caramel ice cream or caramel popcorn.

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