Ingredients All Students Must Use for Energy-Boosting Meals

You might say that you do not have extra time to cook. But we are here to share the life hacks for making your life easier.

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Saturday morning. You wake up at 8 a.m. You study 10 topics for your exam, make a presentation, and write an essay. You look at the clock. It is 10 a.m. We know it sounds exaggerated. But more or less, the pace of college life is like this.

You grab some potato chips for a snack and continue. “Right, I need to make some flashcards and edit my paper according to my instructor’s comments” - you are setting the plans for the next couple of hours. But you already feel tired and unmotivated.

Does this sound familiar? Do you tend to blame your low energy level for everything that goes wrong in your life?

You can turn tables by eating an energy-boosting meal, not chips. You might say that you do not have extra time to cook. But we are here to share the life hacks for making your life easier.

Check out the energy-boosting ingredients you can use for your meals or simply on their own!


They are rich in tyrosine, which is an energy-boosting amino acid. Fried eggs can be part of your morning toast or a separate meal. But the best option is a hard-boiled egg. It still has a lot of nutrients. Yet, it is an even healthier option because you need no butter or oil to cook them. A couple of such eggs with fresh vegetables can be a decent snack.


The smell of mint activates the trigeminal nerve. It makes you more alert by activating a certain brain area. Add fresh mint to your tea or water if you need to become more enthusiastic immediately. But do not limit yourself to drinks only. Berries taste great with mint too.

Sunflower Seeds

Protein and Omega-3 make them energy-boosters. If you eat sunflower seeds on their own, you risk becoming an addict. The process of eating them is similar to eating potato chips, but sunflower seeds are a lot healthier.

You can also use them for simple salads that every student can cook. But you will notice that you have more power after one with sunflower seeds.


You need liveliness not only when you are at home, right? And obviously, you don’t have an opportunity to cook when you are in college. Bananas are perfect natural energy elevators in a natural package, so be sure to take this healthy snack with you.

When at home, you can add bananas to your oatmeal or fruit salad. They also taste great with melted chocolate. But make sure you use dark chocolate for your fondue.


It’s an ideal component for all fans of Asian cuisine. The properties of ginger are unbelievable:
it relieves tired muscles;
it improves circulation in your body;
it delivers nutrients to your brain;
it wakes up your energy cells;
it even opens up airways in your sinuses.

So, you can use this ingredient when you feel tired, experience a lack of energy, or even have a cold! The easiest way is to put ginger in your green tea with lemon. After drinking this healthy potion, you will think that it is some kind of magic.


They deserve special attention, particularly walnuts, almonds, and pistachios. Walnut contains protein that has a favourable effect on your heart. Almonds are rich in riboflavin, manganese, and protein. So, make sure you do not eat too many of them - you risk becoming too active and too healthy!

Pistachios’ superpower is their healthy fat and Vitamin B6. They are a great alternative to popcorn during movies on a dorm sleepover. Plus, they help you control how much you are eating. You can eat a whole bag of popcorn because you only concentrate on a movie. The risk of potential overeating is high. Having to open up a shell, you subconsciously control how much you are eating.


Sometimes, it is very easy to forget about universal truths. Indeed, we tend to ignore the obvious. But dehydration is the number one reason for:
a drop in physical and mental vitality levels;
bad mood;
low concentration.

Instead of googling the symptoms on the Internet and wasting even more energy, just drink a glass of water. You will feel better immediately. And do not forget to drink enough water throughout the day. This is a mistake many busy people make. That is why we included water in this article, just in case.


They deserve a separate paragraph. If you have a blender, there is nothing easier than starting your day with a smoothie. They are healthy and give you enough enthusiasm for at least a couple of hours. Or you can get even more benefits if you know the best ingredients to include. They are:
kale (a powerful superfood) blended with mangoes and bananas;
berries mixed with bananas, Greek yoghurt, and honey;
choco & banana with some peanut butter;
fresh tropical mangoes;
strawberries and milk (preferably almond milk);
oranges, milk, honey, and vanilla;
avocados (another superfood!) with stevia or maple syrup.

You can always experiment here. For example, you can make any smoothie thicker by adding a banana (its energy-boosting properties are undeniable). Or add some ice cubes for an opposite effect.

Ingredients All Students Must Use for Energy-Boosting Meals
Ingredients All Students Must Use for Energy-Boosting Meals

Beef Liver

If you were reading the last paragraph and getting depressed, this product should make you happier. Some people cannot imagine how they can get a lot of energy from drinking some doubtful mix of fruit and yogurt. Meat seems to be the only decent source of energy.

Fatty fish like tuna or salmon are famous for their energy-boosting properties. But again, some people are not big fans of fish either. So, is there a way out? Is there still an animal product for them? Beef liver is a life savior for them. It is the best meat source of B-12 that gives your body energy.

It Can Get Worse

When you are exhausted, and it seems that it cannot be worse, remember: it can. Some ingredients that you eat give you energy and improve your overall health. Some foods take it away (even if it seems to you there is nothing left to take). You are likely to feel even worse when you eat:
fast food;
candy bars;
packaged snacks;
fried food;
added sugars.

Consuming such products might be enjoyable in the short term, but the outcomes will disappoint you. If you find it difficult to switch to healthier alternatives immediately, take it slowly. Instead of forbidding yourself something, try gradually adding energy-boosting ingredients to your diet. The chances are that you will be amazed how soon healthy options will replace junk food.

Be kind to yourself and mind your diet. Your body will be grateful to you in return!

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