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There isn't an easier pie than a no-bake passionfruit cheesecake. Surprisingly refreshing, a real summery cheesecake! Ready in 15 minutes, no effort at all

Dante Jankowiak commented at 2015-08-28 13:38:35
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Valerie commented at 2018-01-29 07:31:07
Gravatar van Valerie Could I substitute yogurt for cream?
Ohmydish commented at 2018-02-01 14:50:31
Gravatar van Ohmydish Hi Valerie, yogurt has a much runnier consistency compared to cream cheese. So the cheesecake won't be as firm when you're using yogurt :)
Sossa commented at 2015-12-30 20:29:41
Gravatar van Sossa I needed extra sugar because I used drained yogurt instead of cream cheese & I used less gelatine - but the taste was great - thanks ;)
Ohmydish commented at 2015-12-30 22:22:03
Gravatar van Ohmydish Yogurt (drained or just as it is) is indeed a lot more sour than cream cheese, and therefor a whole other kind of taste for the end result. But without the cream cheese is it still a cheesecake? haha! :)
Emily commented at 2017-10-01 11:46:12
Gravatar van Emily I don't have the gelatine leaves but I do have the gelatine powder, can that be a substitute?
Ohmydish commented at 2017-10-01 19:00:53
Gravatar van Ohmydish Yes it can be substituted. I never use gelatin powder, but the internet says "1 tablespoon powdered gelatin = 3 sheets of gelatin leaves" :)
Mama Yaa Biamah Ampofo-Tenkorang commented at 2018-10-19 15:05:30
Gravatar van Mama Yaa Biamah Ampofo-Tenkorang Hi when you mentioned the passion fruit pulp does that include the seeds? or do you sieve the pulp first
Ohmydish commented at 2018-10-19 15:31:58
Gravatar van Ohmydish Hi, the pulp means the juice ánd seeds. If you sieve it you'll end up with just a bit of juice :)
Rose commented at 2022-07-09 11:10:21
Gravatar van Rose Not very sweet. I added more.

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