How to Make Homemade French Vanilla Creamer

Do you prefer brewing your own coffee over buying the one-taste-fits-all cups sold at most cafés? Read this complete guide to discover how to make homemade french vanilla creamer.

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Not everyone likes the dark, strong, and bitter side of coffee. The fact that there are tens of sweet-tasting variations exchanging tables in Starbucks, McCafé, and Dunkin’ Donuts every day is evidence of this. 

And when it comes to ranking non-bitter coffees based on their deliciousness, french vanilla creamed coffee always finds a spot at the top. But as it stands, some of us coffee lovers no longer enjoy the quality of what the cafés are selling. 

So, if you’re an explorer of home coffee recipes and love to brew your coffee to your taste, this post will show you exactly how to make homemade french vanilla coffee creamer. But first thing first…

How to Make Homemade French Vanilla Creamer
How to Make Homemade French Vanilla Creamer

Important Things You Should Know Before Making French Vanilla Coffee Creamer

There are five important bits of info behind every successfully-whipped french vanilla coffee creamer. Take notes of them below:

  • If you want to make your blend taste exceptional, make use of a high-quality vanilla extract.
  • When it comes to french vanilla coffee creamer, less is more. In other words, you need just three ingredients to make the perfect blend. Don’t be tempted to go overboard.
  • It takes a maximum of 5 minutes to whip a french vanilla coffee creamer. Don’t overheat it.
  • When buying a vanilla extract, choose according to the taste you want out of your coffee. For a sweet, mellow taste, opt for Madagascar Bourbon vanilla. For a spicy sweet taste, go for Mexican vanilla. And for fruity, floral taste, use Tahitian vanilla.
  • After whipping this creamer, you can convert it into hot chocolate by mixing it with cocoa powder and hot milk.

Do you get it? If yes, below is the list of ingredients you need to make a homemade french vanilla coffee creamer.


  • Milk: The type of milk you use is up to you. If you want your cup to taste really creamy, go for whole milk. But if you want yours fat-free and smooth, use skim milk. And for those of you who want it extraordinarily creamy, go for heavy whipping cream.
  • Sweetened condensed milk: Yes, another milk on the list. The purpose of sweetened condensed milk in every creamer is to give them more richness and sweetness than ordinary milk is capable of.
  • Vanilla extract: Remember that this is what accounts for the rich vanilla taste of every delicious cup of french vanilla creamed coffee. So, choosing one of good quality is the step that will set your homemade creamer apart from the store-bought creamers.

With all your ingredients in place, it’s time to whip some creamy deliciousness. Follow the steps below.

Brewing Homemade French Vanilla Coffee Creamer in 5 Minutes

STEP 1: Introduce an equal amount of milk and sweetened condensed milk into a saucepan.
STEP 2: Heat the saucepan over a stove until the milk mixture starts to simmer.
STEP 3: Stir the mixture gently to make a smooth blend.
STEP 4: Turn off the stove and add your vanilla extract to the heated milk mixture.
STEP 5: Stir and add the creamer to your coffee.
STEP 6: Store the remaining creamer in an airtight container.

And that’s it.

In Conclusion

A great way to convert a cup of coffee from strongly bitter to creamy sweet is to add a nice amount of french vanilla creamer to it. But most cafés don’t make good quality coffee creamers. That’s why I have created this guide to show you how to whip yours at home. You can also see this new post where I share the Freddo Cappuccino recipe.

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