Side dishes

Grab a free side dish recipe from our index of great meal complements. Side dishes for rice, pasta and potato dishes.

Hasselback potatoes from Stockholm

1 hour 4 people

True original recipe from Stockholm, Sweden. You can improve by adding bacon or cheese! These hasselback potatoes are ready in about an hour and serves 4 people.

Braised red cabbage

1 hours 20 minutes 10 people

A must try braised red cabbage with apple, cinnamon and bay leaves. Spice up your christmas meal with this delicious recipe. Serves 10 people easily.

Oven baked sweet potato fries

30 minutes 2 people

We've put up a simple recipe for sweet potato fries you'll make again and again! Serves 2 people and takes up to 30 minutes to make.

Pumpkin bread

2 hours 50 minutes 8 people

Pumpkin bread is one of our favorite thanksgiving recipes to make. This pumpkin bread recipe will make 2 large pumpkin breads. Enjoy!

Sweet and sour cucumber lints

5 minutes 4 people

A hearty side dish fit for a lot of meals. Crunchy cucumber with a sweet and sour taste, ready in about 5 minutes and can serve up to 4 people easily.

Caramelised carrots

20 minutes 4 people

Caramelised carrots are a great way to serve them. You can cook them in advance and reheat when your main dish is ready

Corn on the cob roasted in the oven

50 minutes 2 people

Oven roasted spicy corn on the cob tastes so good you'll want to have some more! Grab the quick and easy recipe for corn on the cob here!

Rosemary bread

6 hour 4 people

Rosemary bread which is soft on the inside with a crunchy outside. Impress your friends and family by making your own home-made rosemary bread!

Stuffed bell peppers with risotto rice

45 minutes 6 people

Stuffed bell peppers with risotto rice is a quick and easy dish you can serve as a starter or side dish. These Stuffed bell peppers serve up to six people.

Mashed potatoes

30 minutes 4 people

You can't go wrong with this classic recipe for mashed potatoes. These taters go well with a diversity of dishes. Mashed potatoes in about half an hour.

Spanish rice

35 minutes 4 people

Ever wondered how they make Spanish rice? Check out this easy to make recipe for spanish rice and whip up a side dish in no time!