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Nut rice goat cheese salad

30 minutes 4 people

A brilliant nut rice and goat cheese dish you can use as a starter, lunch or main course. This dish scores is easy to make and serves up to 4 people.

Vegetarian romanesco risotto

30 minutes 4 people

Delicious, tempting recipe for making a vegetarian romanesco risotto. Your family will demand more of this! Serves up to 4 people and ready in about half an hour.

Balsamic chestnut mushroom spaghetti

35 minutes 4 people

Lot's of great flavors in this chestnut mushroom spaghetti with balsamic vinegar. The chestnut mushrooms are cooked in balsamic vinegar, so delicious!


1 hours 20 minutes 6 people

Heavenly tiramisu serves as a grand dessert. Impress your friends with this home-made tiramisu recipe. You will keep coming back for more!

Prosciutto sandwich

10 minutes 2 people (4)

Have this prosciutto sandwich for lunch. The prosciutto ham has not been smoked, but seasoned for that extra flavour on your prosciutto sandwich!

Crispy parmesan chicken

20 minutes 4 people

Crispy outside, juicy inside. That's how real home-made crispy parmesan chicken should taste. You can do it yourself with this handy recipe for crispy parmesan chicken.

Stuffed bell peppers with risotto rice

45 minutes 6 people

Stuffed bell peppers with risotto rice is a quick and easy dish you can serve as a starter or side dish. These Stuffed bell peppers serve up to six people.

Red pepper flakes and garlic spaghetti

25 minutes 4 people (2)

Cheap, easy and quick to cook vegetarian dish. A red pepper flakes and garlic spaghetti you won't forget any time soon! Grab the recipe for red pepper flakes spaghetti here.

Cream of mushroom soup

20 minutes 4 people (4)

A hearty and warming soup good for any day! This cream of mushroom soup is done within 20 minutes and serves up to four people

Italian lasagna

1 hours 35 minutes 6 people (2)

Taste the flavours of Italy with this Italian lasagna with a homemade sauce, cheese and layers of meat with pasta.

Pasta penne with bolognese sauce

30 minutes 4 people

Grab a quick bite to eat with this easy-to-cook Italian pasta penne with bolognese sauce ready in half an hour.