30 minutes 10 people

Easy and cheap lumpia recipe, filled with minced meat, carrots and more. Ready in about half an hour and served as a snack or side dish.

Dutch shrimp croquettes

35 minutes 10 people

In Holland we love croquettes, you can fill them with almost anything you like. Try these Dutch shrimp croquettes and eat them as a snack or starter.

Vegetarian spring rolls

25 minutes 5 people

Crunchy and light rice paper rolls, filled with fresh vegetables and served with a soy dipping sauce. Full of flavors and gorgeous to look at!


45 minutes 6 people

Always wanted to make your own falafel? It's full of flavors, vegetarian and it only takes a little love and time to make them.

4 ways to make deviled eggs

15 minutes 5 people

Have fun this easter making these amazing tasting deviled eggs. Four different ways, classical, bacon, salmon and mediterranean.

Smoked salmon with herb cheese toast

15 minutes 3 people

An explosion of taste, a delicious combination of fish, cheese and herbs. These smoked salmon toasts with herb cheese on top are absolutely amazing!

Bacon-wrapped dates

30 minutes 10 people

Fingerfood you've probably never tried before, bacon-wrapped dates are sweet, sour and salty at the same time. Makes a party platter suited for ten people.

Vegetarian stuffed mushrooms

20 minutes 8 people

Highly enjoyable vegetarian stuffed mushrooms with zucchini and herbs. This recipe for vegetarian stuffed mushrooms serves 8 people, done in 20 minutes.