10 Unmissable Tips To Save a Fortune on Your Next Online Shopping Spree

The first step to a successful online shopping session is to have a clear shopping list and spending budget in mind. Impulse buys can quickly add up and weigh heavily on your budget!

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If you love shopping online, you are certainly not the only one! Thanks to the growing eCommerce market, you can now order online exotic ingredients for your experimental recipes, fresh or local produce, and even delicious ready meals to enjoy on a lazy Saturday night. Ultimately, when shopping online, everything is at your fingertips!

But this unprecedented availability of international items can also cause you to spend more than you’d wish to - and even end up throwing your finances off balance. So, does that mean that you need to give up online shopping? Luckily, with the right money-saving tips, you can make the most of your next online shopping spree while also safeguarding your savings. Here is all you need to know. 

Make a Shopping List To Avoid Impulse-Buys

The first step to a successful online shopping session is to have a clear shopping list and spending budget in mind. Indeed, thanks to today's algorithms, you are likely to run into a whole range of items that are not on your shopping list but that you might want.

But these impulse buys - which might even be low in monetary value - can quickly add up and weigh heavily on your budget! After all, according to a survey by Think With Google, around 33% of purchases are made on impulse!

Make sure to stick to your shopping list to avoid hefty consequences and regrets!

Start by Looking Up the Right Resources, Vouchers, and Discounts

Once you have a clear shopping list in mind, it is time to learn more about the basics of saving money when shopping online. Comprehensive guides such as the NetVoucherCodes money saving guide can help you hone your online shopping skills while also providing you with insider tips to keep costs low. 

Once you understand how to navigate the ever-changing online marketplace, it is time to start looking for valid vouchers and discounts. Some best practices include searching on Google for available discount codes and stocking up your vouchers to maximise your savings. 

Compare Prices and Shop Around

With new online marketplaces and virtual stores popping up every day, every brand operating in today’s market deals with high levels of competition. While this might be bad news for new or emerging brands, for consumers, it can be a great way to save extra money on their shopping! Consider looking up the same item on multiple sites and choosing the ones that offer the best deal.

Pro tip - when shopping around, make sure to account for all fees and taxes that you might run into. For example, you might find an item at a cheaper price on a US website. However, if you are looking to import it to the UK or to Europe, you might have to face hefty import taxes and long delivery times. 

Always Shop at Reputable and Trustworthy Online Stores

When shopping online, it is important to adopt a zero-trust mindset. Indeed, according to recent statistics, fraud attempts targeting mid-to-large online retailers have grown by 70% during the first months of the pandemic. While security measures have become increasingly strict, cybersecurity remains a sore point for most online companies. 

And, if you have chosen a fraudulent website for your shopping spree, you might end up losing more than just the cost of an item! To avoid these common pitfalls, verify that a site is legitimate, reputable, and trustworthy by reviewing its privacy policy, online reviews, and security measures. 

Use Your Credit Card for Major Purchases

If you are getting ready to submit a large order or make a major purchase, you should consider the benefits of using your credit card as a payment method instead of your debit card or PayPal account. 

Indeed, according to the Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974, credit card issuers have the responsibility to protect the consumers from misrepresentation, fraud, and breaches in the contract. This means that, if you fall victim to a bad actor, you’ll be able to recoup the money lost in the original transaction. 

Make sure to review your credit card contract to better understand the level of protection your credit card issuer provides. 

Specialised vs General Marketplaces: Find the Best One for Your Needs

While the competition for online retailers has never been fiercer - and the market is certainly overcrowded - not all retailers are created equal. For example, large retailers such as Amazon and Etsy might provide you with the widest choice of products. However, if you are looking to buy prestigious chocolate online, or other rare or exotic ingredients, you should consider the benefits of working with a specialised online shop that can provide you with a certificate of authenticity and high-quality assistance.

Look for Product Reviews and Feedback From Past Customers

If you are unsure about the best marketplace to choose for your purchases and save money on your next shopping spree, consider looking at the reviews and feedback left by past and current clients. This will give you an idea of what to expect from services such as customer support, delivery options, and added value. 

Don’t forget that an item that might seem more expensive at first might work out cheaper if you can access add-ons such as free shipping, included multi-year warranty, and loyalty points. 

Learn About the Strategies That Will Grant You a Discount

If you don’t seem to find a discount for your purchase, don’t fret. Indeed, there are some winning strategies that can help you access vouchers and discounts. Some of the ones worth trying include:

  • Try abandoning your cart to receive “incentivising” discounts
  • Create multiple accounts to take advantage of sign-up offers and first-order discounts
  • Directly ask for a discount through the online chat
  • Sign up for newsletters to unlock discounts
  • Leverage the brand’s referral program
  • Use your student, NHS, or senior discount

Choose the Best Time for Your Shopping Spree

So, now that you have all the right tips to save money on your next shopping spree, you are ready to go online. But not so fast! Not all times of the year are great to save money when shopping online! 

For example, January sales and occasions such as Cyber Monday and Black Friday can offer great opportunities to access discounted items. What’s more, upcoming celebrations, such as Mother’s Day, can offer buyers time-bound discounts worth checking out. 

If you are not in a rush, you might also consider taking advantage of functions such as price drop alerts, which most brands make available to subscribed users. 

Save on the Delivery Costs

Delivery costs are an expense that should not be underestimated - especially if you are buying a high number of small items frequently. To safeguard your budget, consider choosing items that come with free shipping or take advantage of options such as Clock and Collect. 

Looking to save even more? Consider looking at discounted items, sales sections, and second-hand stores!

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