Coffee And ... What Goes Best With it

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It is common for coffee lovers to pair it with pastries or fruits. Whether taken in the morning, evening or any other time of the day, coffee is best if paired with something. However, did you know that there are specific foods that go well with certain flavors of coffee? Hang on and find out some perfect collection of tasty foods that are suitable accompaniments of your favorite cup.

1. Fruits and Nuts

Fresh fruits are a healthy choice of accompaniment for different types of coffee. Of importance is to use go slow on sour tones with your selection. Peaches, apricots, and plums are a good choice for mainly Haitian and Tanzanian coffees. Fruit tarts will also blend well with coffees of medium-to-dark roast especially that from Brazil and Costa Rica. Kenyan, Yemen, and Jamaican coffees pair magnificently with berries. These could be fresh fruits or baked into confectioneries and crepes. If you fancy nuts, try salted almonds with mint-flavored coffees, such as a mocha mint latte or dry cranberries with a caramel mocha. Spiced peanuts pair perfectly with any sweet blend of coffee and so is roasted hazelnut.


2. Cakes

These are properly the bedrock of this collection. One can hardly think about coffee without a cake. However, some cake types do better with coffee compared to others. A good example is the coffee cake which goes ideally with almost any coffee, but excellent with light-to-medium roast Nicaraguan and Hawaiian blends. Add cinnamon, raspberry, almond, sour cream or buttermilk to your favorite coffee cake recipe and you will have the perfect combination for your morning or evening cup of Joe.

Chocolate cake

Any form of chocolate is a timeless combination for different coffee varieties. If this is a chocolate cake, pair it with dark- or medium-roast coffees. Also, choose chocolate mousse cakes for Arabica coffees and vanilla bean iced chocolate cupcakes for Colombian coffee.


3. Breads

From coffee to sweet bread, these are an outstanding choice for your breakfast when paired with coffee. If you love shortbread, complete its rich, buttery taste and texture with a brew of Brazilian or Costa Rican coffee. You can also enjoy pumpkin or Zucchini bread with Colombian coffee blend especially if the bread contains some nuts. Coffees from Kenya and Costa Rica will feel heavenly on your taste buds if accompanied with banana nut bread.

4. Others


These are a popular coffee accompaniment in Italy and are catching up in other parts of the world as well. In the U.S, they could the second most choices of accompaniments for coffee after doughnuts. Biscotti come in various flavors and will go very well with espresso. Some common flavors for biscotti are cherry, chocolate, and almond, among others.

Cinnamon Buns

Coffees from Guatemala and Colombia have chocolate and caramel tones that blend naturally with cinnamon buns.


Did you think these were suitable for tea only? You are wrong. A perfect combination would be fruit scones with Kenyan, Haitian or Yemeni coffees with winey characteristics. Maple raising scones will pair well with Nicaraguan coffee while citrus ones match with Ethiopian and Mexican coffee varieties.


Eggs, Bacon, and Coffee

One cannot exhaust this list without touching on the America’s breakfast staple. Incidentally, coffee is also popular among many Americans. It would that be unlikely that these two do not match. Try eggs, bacon or sausage with a brew of medium-roast coffee from Costa Rica and you will understand how it remains an American style of breakfast. With the above collection, you will hardly lack something to order next time you are out for coffee with friends or family. Besides, you do not have to stick to conventional choices anymore. Though the list is not cast and iron, it gives a great idea of what to consider next time you are choosing an accompaniment for your favorite brew of coffee.

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