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Homemade custard is an ideal recipe if you have some leftover egg yolks because everyone has a recipe that only needs egg whites at one point.

A_Boleyn commented at 2017-01-02 21:50:14
Gravatar van A_Boleyn I love vanilla pudding/custard I but don't make it nearly as often as I do chocolate pudding. The thick version you've made here is what I think of as a pastry cream used to fill cream puffs, sometimes 'lightened' with whipped cream. Delicious stuff. Your yolks are such a bright orange colour. Yolks from local commercially produced eggs are a pale yellow in comparison in Ontario. PS: Cute reference to the contents of a vanilla bean pod being 'marrow'. Marrow is what's found inside a bone ie oxtails or veal shanks. Usually, I just refer to the contents of the vanilla bean pod as the seeds. :)
Ohmydish commented at 2017-01-02 22:03:34
Gravatar van Ohmydish Yeah this custard is thicker than the regular pudding, indeed to fill pastries. In Holland we have a "real" name referring to it (banketbakkersroom), instead of just the "common name" custard, but naming it custard does it haha. Oh really? I have never seen a pale egg yolk! PS: Marrow is indeed also inside a bone, that's also the same as in Dutch (merg). I see marrow used for the inside of a vanilla bean/pod on a lot of websites, that's why I use it :)

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