Limburger pies

Limburger pies

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You have probably seen a lot of Limburger pies lately. So what does make something a pie and not a cake? Limburger pies are baked as a whole. This means that it's not a real traditional Limburger pie when ingredients are added afterwards.

The recipe for a yeast dough I use, has been around for generations in my family. My family (from my mothers' side) is from Beek, Limburg. Beek is also the oldest village in The Netherlands. A family comprised of farmers, a `baking house` or bakkusj was present in the back garden. This was a central place where women from the village came round and bake their pies. Unfortunately we do not have a clear photograph from the inside, but we do have one from the outside:

Pie baking house Hoolstraat Beek Limburg Pie baking house Hoolstraat Beek Limburg

Pie crust recipe, according to my family;

  • 50 gram lukewarm butter
  • 125 ml lukewarm milk
  • 250 gram flour
  • 1/2 sachet dry yeast (or use fresh yeast)
  • 50 gram sugar
Creating the yeast dough is easy, the most important part is to knead the dough by hand. The dough will become smooth and elastic when firmly kneaded by hand. ADD butter (50 gram), warm milk (125 ml), flour (250 gram), yeast and sugar (50 gram) in a bowl. KNEAD on the working surface.

Limburger pies 3 Limburger pies 3

WHEN kneaded properly, the dough will rise beautifully. It will double in size after one hour, and should look like this:

Limburger pies 2 Limburger pies 2

You can create all sorts of classic Limburger pies using this yeast dough, such as a crumble pie, cherry pie, rice pie or apricot pie.

Limburger pies 4 Limburger pies 4

Dutch crumb pie - Kruimelvlaai Dutch crumb pie - Kruimelvlaai

Dutch cherry pie - kersenvlaai Dutch cherry pie - kersenvlaai

Rijstevlaai - Dutch rice pie Rijstevlaai - Dutch rice pie

Dutch apricot pie - abrikozenvlaai Dutch apricot pie - abrikozenvlaai

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