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10 favorite spring salads


We enjoy salads, as a side or as a main dish. All kinds of salads, with veggies, greens, meat, fish, cheese and so much more. We made a round-up of our favourite salad recipes, to get you into the spring mood.

Flaviar whisky subscription box review


Our review of the flaviar whisky subscription box. Flaviar tasting boxes allow you to taste various whiskeys without having to purchase the whole bottle!

How to make fish stock


Making your own stocks gives sauces, soups, stews and more exactly the flavor you're looking for. Fish stock doesn't have to simmer very long, so go for it!

How to make mushroom stock


Autumn is here! That means time for all sorts of awesome food. Use our how to make mushroom stock page for your stews, risotto, soups and more.

Pie vs tart, what's the big difference?


Ever wondered about the difference of pie vs tart? Learn the difference, and even distinguisha galette!

How to make bearnaise sauce


Bearnaise sauce, silky smooth and so much flavor! The just about right sourness of this sauce goes perfect with grilled steak or veggies.

How to make Chinese five-spice powder


One of the most popular spices in Asian kitchens is the Chinese five-spice powder. Learn how you can make it in your own kitchen using only 5 ingredients.

How to make a basic vinaigrette


Learn how to make basic vinaigrette, which is a culinary sauce made from mixing oil and vinegar, seasoned with salt, herbs and spices.

How to make basic beef stock


Ever wondered how to make basic beef stock from scratch, like the one you'd get in restaurants? It's easier than you might think!

How to make perfect bacon strips


Perfect bacon strips are crispy, not too greasy and have a lovely color. Learn how to make them by using only an oven.