Vanilla ice cream hot coffee

10 minutes 2 people

Nothing beats a nice big ol' cup of coffee. Give it a twist by adding in vanilla ice cream and whipped cream on top! Vanilla ice cream hot coffee recipe.

Old Fashioned whiskey drink

5 minutes 1 person

Old fashioned whiskey drink on the rocks. Ready in 5 minutes, recipe for one. Get a taste of this classic American whiskey drink!

Peach milkshake

5 minutes 4 people

Peaches are natural sweeteners, so secretly this delicious peach milkshake is also kinda healthy! It's creamy, smooth and quite filling. Ready in 5 minutes.

Drunken watermelon

5 minutes 10 people

Super-star "recipe" for a drunken watermelon. Great at parties, when you want to find an alternative way of getting your guest drunk!

Spicy grapefruit cocktail

35 minutes 4 people

Very refreshing spicy grapefruit cocktail. Enjoyed in the sun, or at night with the sun going down. Have you ever tried oven baked grapefruit?

Jack Cools cocktail

10 minutes 6 people

Found in France, this very refreshing light drink goes well for entertaining your guests. Everyone will love this Jack Cools cocktail!

Tomato celery basil smoothie

10 minutes 1 person

It takes less than 10 minutes to make this tomato celery basil smoothie. Very healthy and good for getting those much needed nutrients.

Sugar-free minty melon granita

10 minutes 4 people

Sugar-free minty melon granita is very refreshing. No added sweeteners at all and ready in just 10 minutes. Great for any summer day.

Galia melon cucumber cocktail

10 minutes 4 people

Refreshing summer cocktail containing galia melon and cucumber, and some liquor. Whip up a galia melon cucumber cocktail in less than 10 minutes.

Iced coffee

10 minutes 2 people

Iced coffee is perfect for a hot summer day. Easy to create at home and it's also very cheap, isn't that awesome?

Classic vanilla milkshake

5 minutes 4 people

Cold beverage made from only four ingredients, ice cream, milk, sugar and vanilla extract. A classic vanilla milkshake is super easy to make!

Strawberry, lime, cucumber and mint water

10 minutes 18 people

Strawberry, lime, cucumber and mint water is just the drink you need on a hot summer day. Takes no effort to make and quenches your thirst fast!

Green tea latte (matcha latte)

10 minutes 2 people

Japanese green tea latte with matcha powder will renew your energy. The savory and nutty aroma and flavor will make you want another one!

Cointreau fizz blood orange cocktail

5 minutes 3 people

Very refreshing and easy to make cointreau fizz blood orange cocktail. Takes only 5 minutes, which means more time to enjoy it in the sun!

Rum, lime and brown sugar cocktail

5 minutes 2 people

A rum brown sugar lime cocktail is very easy to make. It's a sweet cocktail with lime to make it fresh, ready in 5 minutes and makes two drinks.