Main course

Find new main course recipe ideas by browsing finger-lickin' good dishes! Cook your new favorite main course dish with these free recipes!

Vegetarian pot pie

55 minutes 6 people

Simple, ready in an hour vegetarian pot pie made from scratch. Smells and tastes delicious, you gotta try this vegetarian pot pie yourself!

Red pepper flakes and garlic spaghetti

25 minutes 4 people

Cheap, easy and quick to cook vegetarian dish. A red pepper flakes and garlic spaghetti you won't forget any time soon! Grab the recipe for red pepper flakes spaghetti here.

Dutch meatballs with mashed potatoes

1 hour 4 people

Enjoy this old school recipe for Dutch meatballs with mashed potatoes on the side. Easy to make and serves up to 4 people. Classic Dutch meatballs recipe

Mac and cheese

20 minutes 4 people

Real American classic dish, the mac and cheese. Ready in about 20 minutes and so easy to make! Gotta love mac and cheese!

Cream of mushroom soup

20 minutes 4 people

A hearty and warming soup good for any day! This cream of mushroom soup is done within 20 minutes and serves up to four people

Chicken katsu curry

40 minutes 2 people

Originating from Hawaii this chicken katsu curry has a Japanese twist to it. Ready in about 40 minutes and serves two people.

Italian lasagna

1 hours 35 minutes 6 people

Taste the flavors of Italy with this Italian lasagna with a homemade sauce, cheese and layers of meat with pasta.

Kidney beans and corn casserole

20 minutes 4 people

Delicious easy and quick every day of the week recipe for a kidney beans and corn casserole. Serve with Spanish rice, plain pasta or tortilla chips!

Pasta penne with bolognese sauce

30 minutes 4 people

Grab a quick bite to eat with this easy to cook Italian pasta penne with bolognese sauce ready in half an hour.