Pie and cake

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Delicious pie and cake recipes for you to try out!

Fennel tarts

25 minutes 4 people

Enjoy a hearty, light lunch after making these fennel tarts. It has a crunchy bite with a subtile taste of creme fraiche. Ready in less than half an hour

Strawberry basil pie

1 hours 5 minutes 6 people

Very refreshing strawberry basil pie that looks beautiful and the taste is absolutely amazing! Ready in about 1 hour.


20 minutes 4 people (1)

Recipe for a single-serving cake or quick bread called scones. Enjoy with thick clotted cream and jam and of course a cup of tea! Makes about 15 scones

Red velvet madeleines

1 hours 30 minutes 10 people

Fun to look at and even more fun to eat! These red velvet madeleines are unforgettable little delicious cakes. This recipe makes 10 cakes.

Mini apple pie tartlets

30 minutes 4 people (10)

Mini apple pie tartlets are as delicious as they sound. Easy to make dessert, perfect for Christmas or any other festive occasion. Ready in 30 minutes.

Lemon cake

1 hours 45 minutes 8 people (1)

We ate a Lemon cake (tarte au citron) in Paris, France and we've been in love with this lemon cake ever since. Recipe for 8 people.


45 minutes 8 people

This sweet cheesecake is one of our favorite types of comfort food. Homemade cheesecake recipe you can use, serves up to 8 people.

Zebra cake

1 hours 15 minutes 8 people

Jazz up your morning coffee or afternoon tea with this delicious dark chocolate and vanilla swirled zebra cake.

Mini raspberry and banana shortcakes

40 minutes 6 people

These mini raspberry and banana shortcakes make a great snack or dessert, and are perfect with a coffee. This recipe serves 6 people, and is ready in 50 minutes.

Raspberry cake

1 hour 8 people

A light, fruity raspberry cake topped with blueberries. This raspberry cake makes a delicious dessert, is ready in an hour, and serves up to 8 people.

Carrot cake

1 hours 30 minutes 12 people

This is our favourite recipe for carrot cake, with an American-style cream cheese frosting. The cake serves 12, and is ready in an hour and a half.