B-52 Cocktail


The B-52 cocktail, sometimes written as B52, is a beautiful layered cocktail. It's as popular a shot as tequila is on a night out.

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B-52 cocktail

The B52 shot is very popular because of the way it is served. It is lit at the bar, and you drink the burning shot through a straw while standing at the bar.

The layers in a B52 cocktail are possible due to the difference in density of the different liqueurs used. This makes the shot look really festive.

B52 shots are often set alight, but due to the lower alcohol content of the orange liqueur, this doesn't always work. To remedy this, some of the orange liqueur can be replaced by a dark rum; the higher alcohol content (60% - 80%) does make it possible to flambé the cocktail.

You can serve a B52 in a shot glass, although you will need to use a little less liqueur as most shot glasses are just a little too small.

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Made by Véronique

Published at 2023-12-14, this recipe is for 1 person and takes 5 minutes.

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Updated at: 30-12-2023

5 minutes 1 person Christmas recipes
B-52 cocktail


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  • 20 ml coffee liqueur, such as Kahlua
  • 20 ml Baileys Irish cream liqueur
  • 20 ml orange liqueur, such as Grand Marnier
B-52 cocktail ingredients
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Kitchen equipment

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  • shot glass
  • small teaspoon
  • optional: long lighter

B-52 Cocktail

5 minutes 1 person Christmas recipes

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Making the B-52 cocktail – 5 minutes

Start by pouring a layer of Kahlua into a shot glass.

Hold the rounded side of a teaspoon uppermost inside the glass and very gently and gently pour the Baileys over it into the glass. Do this very carefully so that separate layers are created, and the liqueurs don't mix together.

B-52 cocktail
B-52 cocktail

Use the rounded side of a small teaspoon in the same way to pour in the Grand Marnier.

Use a long lighter to light the shots, if desired, and drink through a straw while the shot is alight. Cheers!

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B-52 Cocktail: frequently asked questions

Where does the B52 shot come from?

Several stories circulate about the origin of this mini cocktail. One is that Peter Fich invented the cocktail at the Banff Springs Hotel in Alberta, Canada. He liked to name his cocktails after popular bands; in this case the B-52s.

Another story is that the cocktail was named after the Stratofortress bomber.

Which orange liqueur is best in a B-52 cocktail?

You can use different types of orange liqueur for a B52, such as Grand Marnier, Cointreau or Triple Sec.