Caramelized Pears


Piping hot caramelized pears with a nice big scoop of (vanilla) ice cream. Soft pears with honey is a dessert for four people, ready in 20 minutes.

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Caramelized pears
Veronique van Ohmydish

Made by Véronique

Published at 2015-06-17, this recipe is for 4 people and takes 20 minutes.

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Updated at: 23-06-2022

20 minutes 4 people Desserts
Caramelized pears


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  • at least 10 tablespoons of plain honey
  • Cinnamon powder
  • 4 pears
  • 4 tablespoons refined sugar (not pictured)
Caramelized pears ingredients
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Kitchen equipment

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  • Paring knife + cutting board
  • Medium-sized skillet
  • Heat resistant spoon

Caramelized Pears

20 minutes 4 people Desserts

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Preparation -- 5 minutes

Rinse the pears and rid then of any dirt. Use your paring knife to trim the fruit away from the core by making four cuts. You basically slice each pear in quarters, then remove the core with the paring knife.  

Caramelized pears
Caramelized pears

Cooking the pears -- 15 minutes

Grab the medium-sized skillet and put it on medium-high heat. When the pan gets hot, squeeze in 10 tablespoons of plain honey. Let the honey heat up for a minute or 2, then stir in 4 tablespoons of refined sugar.

Stir using a heat-resistant spoon, until the honey and sugar fuse and starts to caramelize. Place each pear quarter skin below into the skillet. Be very careful, because the honey and sugar mixture is super, super hot!

Let simmer for 5 minutes, turn each quarter around once and let simmer for another 5 minutes repeat until each side of the pear has been cooked, and that the pear is soft.

Serve immediately after sprinkling cinnamon powder on top. Best enjoyed with a nice big scoop of (vanilla) ice cream. Enjoy!

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