Homemade Nougatine


Making your own nougatine is easier than you might think. Toasted hazelnuts with caramel, you just can't go wrong!

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Homemade nougatine
Veronique van Ohmydish

Made by Véronique

Published at 2021-08-16, this recipe is for 4 people and takes 30 minutes.

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Updated at: 09-07-2022

30 minutes 4 people Gluten-free recipes 485 calories p.p.
Homemade nougatine


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  • 125 grams of hazelnuts
  • 100 grams of sugar
  • 2 tablespoons of water
Homemade nougatine ingredients
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Kitchen equipment

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  • oven
  • small baking tray
  • baking parchment
  • tea towel (dishcloth)
  • small saucepan
  • wooden spoon
  • food processor
  • preserving jar

Homemade Nougatine

30 minutes 4 people Gluten-free recipes 485 calories p.p.

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Preparation – 10 minutes

preheat the oven to 180 degrees celsius.

spread out the hazelnuts on a small baking tray and toast them for about 5 to 10 minutes until they are a lovely golden brown.

if the hazelnuts have skins, it is best to let them cool down before making your nougatine. You can then easily remove the skins by rubbing them in a tea towel.

Homemade nougatine
Homemade nougatine

Make your nougatine – 20 minutes

make the caramel by gently heating the sugar with 2 tablespoons of water. Be careful as caramel is very hot.

do not stir the sugar as it will crystallise. You can very gently shake the pan if you wish. Let the caramel take on a rich and dark colour and then immediately stir in the roasted hazelnuts.

place a piece of baking parchment on the baking tray you used to toast the hazelnuts. Spread the caramel hazelnuts over the baking parchment and leave it to cool.

place the cooled caramel in a food processor and chop finely. Store the nougatine in a sealed jar.

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Homemade Nougatine: frequently asked questions

What are nougatine nuts?

Nougatine nuts are caramelised hazelnuts that are finely ground into sweet, crunchy sprinkles.

What can I use nougatine for?

You can use nougatine to decorate cakes and desserts. A dish is often more enjoyable with the addition of a crispy ingredient.

Where can I buy nougatine nuts?

Nougatine nuts can be bought in any supermarket.