Tapas night menu

Tapas night menu

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We've chosen a tapas night menu for our second themed recipe page. You can check out the first one here: 5 Irresistible oriental recipes. This recipe roundup contains recipes for a great tapas night. You can click on each image to look at the recipe. Let's get started!

1. Sweet corn cookies

Lovely side dish or great as part of a variety of tapas dishes. Quick and easy sweet corn cookies are tasteful and cute looking.

Sweet corn cookies Sweet corn cookies

2. Guacamole

Super easy recipe for guacamole tortilla chip dip, only takes 10 minutes. Serves up to 4 people, but you can multiply this recipe when needed.

Guacamole Guacamole

3. Artichoke hearts and tomato

We love dining or snacking with lots of things to choose from. Try something new with the combination of artichoke hearts and tomato.

Artichoke hearts and tomato Artichoke hearts and tomato

4, Spicy marinated chicken skewers

Create small spicy marinated chicken skewers for your next party. The lemon juice makes the chicken extra tender en therefore delicious. Ready in 15 minutes

Spicy marinated chicken skewers Spicy marinated chicken skewers

5. Overnight marinated olives

We love to buy the cheapest olives available, add our favorite ingredients to them to create amazing smelling marinated olives. Marinate at least overnight.

Overnight marinated olives Overnight marinated olives

6. Tempura pangasius skewers

Frying tempura pangasius skewers gives your white fish an extra crunchy crust. The small skewers are cute and therefore great for tapas.

Tempura pangasius skewers Tempura pangasius skewers

These six tapas recipes will make your next tapas night more fun, because they are super easy to make! Do you have a great tapas recipe? Share it with us by using the comment form on this page. Enjoy your tapas night menu!

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