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Ground beef seasoning mix


Making your own ground beef seasoning mix is super easy and so much more delicious than store-bought spice mixes. With cloves, nutmeg, garlic and more.

How to make mild curry paste


A homemade curry paste is delicious, and you can also adapt it to your own taste. This yellow mild curry paste can be simply made with a mortar and pestle.

How to make gyros spice mix


How to make gyros spice mix, an easy and delicious homemade mix that's so much tastier than store-bought mixes.

How to make red curry paste


A red curry paste is even tastier when you make it yourself. Using fresh ingredients and a mortar or blender for a spiced aromatic paste.



Asparagus season is upon us! Read here how asparagus are being harvested, peeled and cooked.

Homemade taco seasoning


Making your own spice mixes is very easy and also so much more delicious and healthier than store-bought mixes. Try our taco seasoning!

How to make bami goreng spice mix


Creating your own spice mixes is so much tastier, and it's also super easy. Done in a jiffy, really! You should try our bami goreng spice mix someday.

How to make custard


Homemade custard is an ideal recipe if you have some leftover egg yolks because everyone has a recipe that only needs egg whites at one point.

Tips for a stress free Christmas


Do you want to have a relaxing and stress free Christmas? Here are some tips how to create a perfect dinner in your own home.

How to make kimchi


Kimchi is used a lot in the Korean kitchen. It's fermented cabbage with more vegetables and herbs, learn how to make kimchi!