Peach Milkshake


Peaches are natural sweeteners, so secretly this delicious peach milkshake is also kinda healthy! It's creamy, smooth and quite filling. Ready in 5 minutes.

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Peach milkshake
Veronique van Ohmydish

Made by Véronique

Published at 2015-08-31, this recipe is for 4 people and takes 5 minutes.

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Updated at: 19-03-2021

5 minutes 4 people Breakfast
Peach milkshake


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Peach milkshake ingredients
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Kitchen equipment

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  • Paring knife
  • blender
  • ice cream scoop
  • 4 large glasses

Peach Milkshake

5 minutes 4 people Breakfast

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Preparing the peach milkshake -- 5 minutes

You can choose to leave the peel of the peaches on. The taste will be the same, but the milkshake won't be really smooth and that would be too bad. And besides, drinking the milkshake with a straw won't be easy either.

Get rid of the peach peel using a paring knife, or a potato peeler. Chop the peaches into large pieces and add them to the blender along with the milk. Blend until you've got a smooth mixture.  

Add the vanilla ice cream and blend it again.  

Peach milkshake
Peach milkshake

Serving the peach milkshake

Peaches are a natural sweetener and depending on the kind of vanilla ice cream your milkshake will be sweet enough.

But taste the milkshake, if you think it isn't sweet enough, you can add a little bit of powdered sugar.

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