Dish type: cold

51 recipes


Stuffed figs

5 minutes 3 people

These stuffed figs are a delicious and super easy appetizer. The combination of salty ham and sweet figs is amazing!

Pasta salad with orange and cheese

30 minutes 4 people (3)

An easy and refreshing pasta salad with orange and cheese is ideal on a hot summer day. Great for lunch, week day meal or at a picnic.

Crab cocktail

10 minutes 2 people

Make your own crab cocktail with only a few ingredients. Great as a starter, or on top of some bread or even as a dipping sauce.


20 minutes 2 people

Crudité is an easy and delightful dish from France. Raw vegetables with a delicious dipping sauce made with cheese and lime.

Pomegranate and citrus sorbet

1 hour 8 people (2)

Pomegranate juice is healthy and has a beautiful bright color. Use juice from a box or squeeze it yourself for this pomegranate and citrus sorbet.

Zucchini and yogurt salad

30 minutes 6 people

This refreshing zucchini and yogurt salad is ready within half an hour. With only a few ingredients and a very simple dressing it's the perfect side dish.

Pickled eggs

20 minutes 10 people

Having a lot of eggs and don't know what to do with them? Or just want to learn about pickled eggs. This recipe only takes less than half an hour to create!

Bánh mì - Vietnamese sandwiches

20 minutes 4 people

A Bánh mì is basically a sandwich that can be topped with everything you like. This Vietnamese version is a basic recipe, with delicious sweet and sour vegetables.

Coconut-lychee pudding with mango

20 minutes 6 people

This creamy coconut-lychee pudding with mango has a soft and smooth texture. Can also be served with kiwi or other kind of fruit. Made without gelatine!

Chicken and sesame spring rolls

40 minutes 4 people

Chicken and sesame spring rolls are great for every season of the year. Filled with crunchy vegetables, chicken and served with a sesame sauce.

Roasted vegetables pasta salad

30 minutes 6 people

Roasted vegetables pasta salad is a delicious side dish for your next barbecue gathering, but also great for lunch. Ready within half an hour.

Drinkable fruit salad

20 minutes 6 people

This drink is so fruity, it's best describes as a drinkable fruit salad. Easy to create, super refreshing and even healthy! The perfect combination!

Pasta salad with cucumber and basil pesto

30 minutes 4 people

A refreshing pasta salad with cucumber and basil pesto is a lovely barbecue side dish, or a main course during hot summer days.

Spicy red rice salad with chicken and mango

40 minutes 4 people

This spicy red rice salad with chicken and mango can be made as spicy as you prefer. Delicious and filling salad with lots of refreshing flavors.

Smoked mackerel salad

20 minutes 2 people

This smoked mackerel salad is a bit similar to a classic Niçoise salad, but instead of tuna we used delicious smoked mackerel. Ready within 20 minutes.