Dish type: steamed

5 recipes


Shrimp dumplings

50 minutes 4 people

It's quite easy to make dumplings from scratch with a filling of shrimp and minced meat. Steamed on cabbage leaves and served with a delicious dipping sauce.

Steamed Parisienne carrots

25 minutes 4 people

Nothing beats fresh carrots. Steamed Parisienne carrots aren't just very cute, the vitamins are kept inside and they are super tasty.

Lemper ayam -- sticky rice with chicken filling

2 hour 6 people (15)

You've probably have seen lemper ayam at an Asian supermarket. Sticky rice with chicken filling, super delicious! But you'll need time and patience for it.

Salmon baked in foil

25 minutes 2 people

Don't have much cooking skills? Still want to impress friends and family? Try this salmon baked in foil recipe (papillote), ready in 25 minutes.


30 minutes 4 people (5)

Steamed dumplings are very easy, with almost no effort you can create your Chinese restaurant favorite appetizer at home. Ready in 30 minutes.