Zebra cake

Dark chocolate and vanilla striped zebra cake. Jazz up your afternoon coffee or tea with this delicious zebra cake. Fun for kids too!

1 hours 15 minutes 8 people Pie and cake
Zebra cake


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  • 400 gram butter
  • 400 gram self-raising flour
  • 400 gram regular sugar
  • 8 gram vanilla sugar
  • 8 eggs
  • 50 gram pure (un-sugared) melted chocolate.
  • few pinches of salt

Ingredients for the icing

  • 1 cup of butter at room temperature (250 gram)
  • 3 cups of powdered sugar (375 gram)
  • 2 tablespoons of vanilla extract
  • 4 tablespoons Bailey's Irish cream
Zebra cake ingredients
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Kitchen equipment

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  • Oven
  • 2 big bowls
  • Whisk or stand mixer
  • 2 baking tins
  • Palette knife
  • Cooling rack


1 hours 15 minutes 8 people Pie and cake

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Preparing the zebra cake -- 10 minutes

Tip: you can use this recipe to bake 24 zebra cupcakes. These will bake in about 20 minutes instead of 60 minutes.

It's important to create a separate batter for the zebra cake. Most often you see black and white zebra cakes (which is also the one we are going to bake). You can create a funky version of this zebra cake by colouring your batter using food colouring!

Preheat your oven to 175 degrees Celsius or 347 degrees Fahrenheit. Whisk half of the butter, sugar, vanilla sugar and salt in a big bowl until it becomes a creamy mixture. Be sure to use exactly half of the ingredients since you're going to need the other half to create the chocolate batter.

Add in half the self-rising flour little by little. Keep mixing until the batter is smooth. You can use a stand mixer for this step if you prefer. Repeat this step but replace the vanilla sugar with the melted chocolate.

Grease and flour two baking tins or line with paper liners. We prefer greasing the baking tins because this prevents creases in the end. This step is important: scoop about 1 or 2 tablespoons of vanilla batter and spoon into the prepared baking tins.

Repeat this step by spooning in 1 or 2 tablespoons of chocolate batter on top to create two baking tins with layers. Repeat until both bowls are empty and you have equally filled baking tins. 

Zebra cake
Zebra cake

Baking the zebra cake -- 60 minutes

Bake the cakes for about 60 minutes, be sure to keep the oven closed otherwise the cake will lose its firmness. Place the zebra cake onto a cooling rack and let cool completely.

Making the icing -- 5 minutes

It's easy! Mix the butter (make sure it's at room temperature) together with the vanilla extract and Bailey's Irish cream. Pour into your stand mixer (or whisk by hand) until the mixture becomes smooth and firm.

Put a thick layer of icing on top of one cake and put the other cake on top of the icing. Spread the icing that's left evenly over the zebra cake by using a palette knife.

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