Spring recipes

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Fennel tarts

25 minutes 4 people

Enjoy a hearty, light lunch after making these fennel tarts. It has a crunchy bite with a subtile taste of creme fraiche. Ready in less than half an hour

Home-made brioche

2 hours 20 minutes 4 people

Looking for the perfect Easter or weekend brunch? Home-made brioche is what you're looking for!

Baby potato salad

35 minutes 6 people

Soft, tender baby potato salad coated with a delicious mayonnaise sauce. Great for picnics, parties and get togethers. Recipe for 6 people.

Celery and grapefruit salad

10 minutes 4 people

Perfect side dish when eating a heavier meal. This celery and grapefruit salad is done in 10 minutes or less. Serves 4 people.

Poached egg asparagus salad

35 minutes 4 people

Winter does not stop us from making this delicious poached egg aspergus salad! Bring back the summer with this poached egg salad. Serves 4, done in 30 mins.

Tuna niçoise salad

40 minutes 4 people

Tuna, olives, mixed greens and eggs. There are just so much flavors in this niçoise salad salad. Serves up to four people.

Fennel salad with radish and pomegranate

10 minutes 2 people

Fennel salad with radish and pomegranate drizzled with olive oil and lemon. Light fennel salad great as a starter. Combine with a nice white or rose wine

Red pepper flakes and garlic spaghetti

25 minutes 4 people (2)

Cheap, easy and quick to cook vegetarian dish. A red pepper flakes and garlic spaghetti you won't forget any time soon! Grab the recipe for red pepper flakes spaghetti here.

Classic Waldorf salad

10 minutes 2 people (2)

An authentic recipe for a delicious and fresh waldorf salad, just like my grandparents used to make. With apples, celery and walnuts.