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Delicious dessert recipes from all over the world, for all ages! Dessert recipes for kids and adults.

Ile Flottante - floating islands

40 minutes 4 people (1)

Vanilla, egg whites and caramel, what's not to love about that combination? In France they call this dessert Ile Flottante, which means floating islands.

Bailey's Irish cream brownies

30 minutes 8 people (3)

Nothing beats a good old fashioned brownie, like these Bailey's Irish cream brownies. Ready in about half an hour.

Caramel ice cream

25 minutes 6 people

Silky smooth and delicious caramel ice cream. The perfect easy recipe with only a few ingredients, made with an ice cream maker.

Mango tempura dessert

35 minutes 6 people

Looking for an easy but fancy looking dessert for your next gathering? Try out our recipe for a mango tempura dessert! Ready in about half an hour.

Strawberry basil pie

1 hours 5 minutes 6 people

Very refreshing strawberry basil pie that looks beautiful and the taste is absolutely amazing! Ready in about 1 hour.

Lemon curd mousse

5 minutes 2 people

Whip up this lemon curd mousse in just a few minutes. Absolutely divine tasting dessert, perfect for any occasion!

Lemon curd

20 minutes 4 people (1)

Smooth and easy home-made lemon curd. It's creamy goodness to use in all your desserts or to just spread it on a scone! Ready in about 20 minutes.

Avocado ice cream

25 minutes 2 people

Very easy and quick avocado ice cream, avocado will give the ice cream an extra soft and smooth taste, very delightful. Ready in about 25 minutes.

Warm apricots

25 minutes 4 people

This dessert will most definitely give you warm feelings inside. Lovely warm apricots with orange syrup flavored mascarpone cheese. Recipe for 4 people.

Lychee panna cotta

1 hours 50 minutes 6 people

Fancy looking easy to make dessert you can whip up in about 1.5 hours. This lychee panna cotta is creamy goodness suited for everybody!

Red velvet madeleines

1 hours 30 minutes 10 people

Fun to look at and even more fun to eat! These red velvet madeleines are unforgettable little delicious cakes. This recipe makes 10 cakes.

Baked camembert pastry package

25 minutes 4 people

Hot camembert pastry package you can enjoy as a snack or as a dessert. Recipe for four people, ready in less than half an hour.

Cherry ice cream

1 hour 10 people (3)

Home-made cherry ice cream is a great dessert suited for almost any occasion. Requires an ice cream maker. Recipe for 10 people.

Mini meringues

1 hours 10 minutes 12 people (66)

These mini meringues are just too sweet and cute to resist! Bake your own home-made meringues and impress your family and friends! Classic recipe.

Smooth chocolate mousse

25 minutes 8 people

Well, here it is. A chocolate mousse to die for! Smooth to the taste, this chocolate mousse will melt in your mouth. Recipe for about 8 people, or is it?