Delicious dessert recipes from all over the world, for all ages! Dessert recipes for kids and adults.


1 hours 20 minutes 6 people

Heavenly tiramisu serves as a grand dessert. Impress your friends with this home-made tiramisu recipe. You will keep coming back for more!

Mini raspberry banana shortcake

40 minutes 6 people

This mini raspberry banana shortcake serves as a great snack or dessert. This mini raspberry banana shortcake will also give you extra energy!

Carrot cake

1 hours 30 minutes 12 people

This is our favorite recipe for making a carrot cake. Wonderful flavors are to be expected from this carrot cake with frosting on top.

Cantaloupe with lime, mint and honey

10 minutes 2 people

Enjoy this easy to prepare light summer dessert with fresh cantaloupe, lime, mint, honey and a dash of salt. Who doesn't love cantaloupe?