Dish type: refined sugar free

3 recipes


Date and walnut filo pastries

25 minutes 4 people (12)

Dates are natural sweeteners, so no need to add sugar or honey for these lovely date and walnut filo pastries. Only 4 ingredients needed.

Melon sorbet

50 minutes 6 people (1)

With only a few ingredients you can create a lovely melon sorbet. Super easy, quite healthy and especially super delicious. Serve inside of a melon!

Apple crumble pie (dairy + refined sugar free)

1 hour 8 people

This apple crumble pie seems to be quite a healthy recipe, and you know why? It's dairy and refined sugar free! It's really tasteful, an absolute favorite!

Sugar free coconut truffles

10 minutes 16 people

These sugar free coconut truffles make a healthy and convenient snack. Ready in less than 10 minutes, recipe makes 16 truffles.