Dish type: stuffed

9 recipes


Turkey rolls with pomegranate and carrot

30 minutes 4 people (1)

Looking for a festive main course that's quite easy? These turkey rolls with pomegranate and carrot are ready within half an hour.

Stuffed snack peppers

20 minutes 4 people

An easy and quick snack is always great when you're having friends over. These stuffed snack peppers are ready within 20 minutes.

Spiced ground beef phyllo dough rolls

40 minutes 16 people (8)

These spiced ground beef phyllo dough rolls are amazing because of the crispy outside and all the different spices we've used.

Lemper ayam -- sticky rice with chicken filling

2 hour 6 people (15)

You've probably have seen lemper ayam at an Asian supermarket. Sticky rice with chicken filling, super delicious! But you'll need time and patience for it.

Roasted whole duck

1 hours 45 minutes 4 people

This roasted whole duck can be the center piece of your Christmas dinner table! Filled with delicious vegetables, recipe for 4 people.

Jalapeño and egg Portobello

25 minutes 2 people

Jalapeño and egg Portobello is an amazing, quick and tasty vegetarian dish. Serve with greens and a simple pasta for a weekday meal. 


1 hours 20 minutes 6 people (4)

Have you ever filled cannelloni with chicken thighs and smoked bacon? WOW, what a combination, seriously! Serves 6 people, or does it?

Marzipan stuffed cookie or Dutch gevulde koeken

25 minutes 9 people (12)

We like to introduce a classic Dutch cookie to you guys, easy sweet goodness! You should give Dutch gevulde koeken - or marzipan stuffed cookies - a try!

Turkey breast with stuffed mushroom

1 hours 20 minutes 2 people

Honey marinated turkey breast with stuffed mushroom served with feta cheese and fresh chives. Recipe for two, ready in 40 minutes.

Stuffed pointed peppers with couscous

20 minutes 4 people (1)

Vegetarian stuffed pointed pepper with couscous, black olives and chestnut mushrooms. Perfect as a starter or side dish, ready in 20 minutes.